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  • 7:50 am on October 11, 2023 Permalink | Reply

    I know that Amex gets a lot of hate here about how it has turned into a coupon book, but what’s more infuriating IMO is when they pull sneaky shit like they’re doing with their “Hilton” offer. I got an email yesterday about member week that highlights the Hilton offer, among other things. I have a Homewood suites stay coming up, and if I wasn’t on this sub, I would’ve rebooked it to take advantage of the offer. I wonder if Amex is prepared for the shit storm their CSRs are going to have to put up with when angry customers are going to reach out wondering why they didn’t get credited for this offer.

    Can’t be too hard to handle:

    We are sorry sir, but that promotion only applies to Curio and Tapestry. Yes, sir. It is specified in the terms and conditions. Our advice is to always read your terms and conditions sir. Also you should check out the churning subreddit, they are a crowdsourced website and sometimes it can be helpful. Although sometimes you will get downvoted. It comes with the territory sir. We also sometimes check it out for new patterns of reward abuse. We are sorry that marketing didn’t do a better job at highlighting the limitations. Yes sir, I’ll convey your frustration to management. No, we cannot make exceptions to policy. Thank you for being a loyal American Express member since 2023 and have a nice day.

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    You have 30 dollars and 8 mouths to feed, what’s for dinner?

    I’ll sign up for two Blue Apron plans at new subscriber promotional rates, which is currently $10 for 4 meals. For $20, we would have 8 meals spread across 4 menu choices, including shipping & taxes.

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  • 6:51 pm on August 2, 2023 Permalink | Reply

    Woke up with 300k+ MR points. Is this a glitch?

    i also got an extra 150k. My rewards activity tab does not explain it. All I see is that my BBP got a 150k “adjustment” in 2023. (It shows up on the annual summary, to the right hand side on the website). Nowhere in the itemized rewards list does the 150k show up. It just showed up at some point in mid-July.

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  • 7:08 pm on August 1, 2023 Permalink | Reply

    Those people with too much XP… I finally found out how they are doing it. Those people in the diamon leauge who have like 50,000 xp. They obviously sold their soul to the duolingo bird in exchange for inconceivable amounts of xp.

    You called?

    Having played strategy games for 20 years, i can’t help min/max when i find a min/max strategy. So far I’ve found this: (which I think y’all are familiar with)

    1. Under the 15-min 2xp potion, do lessons until you hit Lesson 5 out of 6.
    2. Now open lesson #6 (or #4 – the last in the series)- start it but don’t finish.
    3. Let the 15 minute timer transpire
    4. Use this time to take a break – get back to work, eat, or sleep. Make sure the app doesn’t auto-close itself or you’ll lose on 20 free xp.
    5. When ready to go for another 15-min sprint, go back to the app and finish the lesson #6
    6. Lesson #6 will get double xp. And at the same time, you’ll also get a new 15-min 2xp potion.
    7. Do more lessons, and again try to reach the next lesson #6. Repeat.

    Sometimes the sequence of lessons is long, and you won’t be able to reach #6 before the 15 minutes is over. That’s fine. If you are very far from #6 (eg you only managed to finish the Chapter finale and are starting from #1), this may be a good time to use the morning/evening 2x potion.

  • 9:19 pm on July 31, 2023 Permalink | Reply

    > Is the Korean word “부 (Bu)” pronounced as “poo” and does it mean “wealth”?

    It’s pronounced boo, as in “he’s my boo”.

    I’m gonna attempt to explain my street level knowledge of the influence of hanja (written chinese) in korean here…

    Thousands of Korean words are actually korean pronunciations of chinese words that were inherited hundreds of years ago. It’s similar to how many words in an european language actually descend from latin – for example english word administration comes from administratio in latin, iglesia (church) in spanish comes from ecclesia in latin, etc.

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  • 4:06 pm on July 27, 2023 Permalink | Reply

    Citi Premier rejection after a 6-week review. It seems they were taken aback by the large number of inquiries and new cards but still wanted to look at it and requested tax records, but they saw that my AGI was much lower than reported in the application and rejected it.

  • 4:08 pm on July 23, 2023 Permalink | Reply

    They are weaved together from young-trending internet-centric niche jargon, which they themselves originate from various contexts.

    • 하수/고수 (and 중수 which I’ve heard less often) are old terms used to refer to the level of skill of a person or level of strategy. Could be used to describe the skill level of a Go(바둑) player, or skill of fighters in a traditional martial arts-themed literature (무협지). Martial arts literature has tended to take itself a bit seriously (even though they are describing fictional skills and mythical beings), and they use an absolute fuckton of superlatives to invite interest to the story and its character, so to lean into martial arts literature jargon invites some humor. These terms made their way into the internet (more to the DC인사이드-like bulletin board cultures), and also intermingled back and forth into gaming culture. (It started off by gamers using it to describe each other’s skill, and then some Korean games actively adopted the terminology as part of their official jargon, albeit with a light sense of ironic humor given that it has one origin foot in martial arts literature)
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  • 7:06 pm on July 21, 2023 Permalink | Reply  

    What’s one “rule” of credit cards you didn’t know when you were younger? The one “rule” I didn’t know/understand was that you should always pay your statement balances off in full every month.

    This is so funny. I had the completely opposite misunderstanding & experience.

    When I entered college, I saw credit card promo posters in the university buildingin halls. Most of these posters prominently higlighted the APR interest rate in big bold font: “Low 20% APR after an introductory 6-month period!” “25% APR!”

    I saw those posters, and I thought:

    “Okay so they are saying that if I pay $100 using a credit card, I have to immediately pay back $120? That’s… dumb and wasteful. Americans are weird. I’m sticking with cash and debit cards and I’m never going to use credit cards.”

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  • 7:00 pm on June 29, 2023 Permalink | Reply

    I flew from LA to Las Vegas for a half day visit to match my Hyatt temporary Explorist status (provided as part of the Bilt challenge) to MGM Gold.

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  • 10:24 pm on June 21, 2023 Permalink | Reply

    Okay so you are trying to borrow cash out of your business credit card. Although I don’t know much about the topic, this sounds like a terrible idea.

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